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Closed for Christmas

With Christmas looming I’ve decided to knock off early. That’s the bad news over with.

The good news is that because I’ve been good this year, Santa will be visiting me and I’ll be back in 2010 with some shiny new visuals, more content, and a promise to be updated more often.

As hope is all the rage at this time of year there is a small chance I will be back before the year’s end but if not, have an extra mince pie and glass of mulled wine for me.

Please, wipe away that tear, and remember that you can still read the musings of Robert Mills over on Think Vitamin and on the blog of the company he works for, Huw David Design.

I’ll see you very soon dear friends.

No you hang up

Come on, you hang up.

No you … beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.


Me, My Words, the Web

It’s Sunday morning, a time when I can get away with being lazy, so this blog post is a little bit lazy too. I’m going to bring together some of my articles that have featured on other websites or in magazines because I thought if you are kind enough to read this then you may be kind enough to read some of my other musings.

Think Vitamin

I recently wrote an article for Think Vitamin called How Colour Communicates Meaning. It is a huge topic and this article just scratches the surface but it led to some very insightful comments and discussion from the readers and had 306 tweets to the link!

This article was also mentioned on Paul Boag’s podcast a couple of weeks ago. You can listen here, if you so wish:

Fuel Your Motionography

I am a guest writer for Fuel Your Motionography. This is a new site that launched a few days ago and it sits under the ‘fuel’ umbrella of sites that include Fuel Your Branding, Fuel Your Writing, and Fuel Your Creativity.

My first article for them is about 3D Films, the good, the bad, the future?

My second is about the Uncanny Valley theory.

Although I am trying to carve a name for myself in the web, my number one passion is films and being able to write about these as a side project is great fun. I will be writing more for Fuel Your Motionography so hopefully these articles will be of interest to you too.

.Net Magazine

When I worked at Mark Boulton Design I was lucky enough to write two articles for .Net Magazine as part of a 6 article series that looked at how to be your own boss and start/run your own design agency.

My first piece was about winning clients and featured in Issue 189. The second piece looked at being organised and that was printed in Issue 191.

Real Travel Magazine

Long before I stepped into the murky world of ‘the web’, I used to dabble with travel writing. I have been printed in two national publications, one of which has now put my article online.

I worked in New Zealand for a year and spent 1 month on a farm, I wrote about my experiences here:

Huw David Design

This is my new workplace. It is a design agency located on a farm just outside Cardiff. There are exciting times ahead for Huw David Design including a new studio website, a re-brand and our studio is getting a bit of a makeover too. We will be blogging and tweeting more and more as events unfold and it would be great if you came along for the ride.

So if you wish to follow the latest news from the farm on Twitter then you can find us here: @huwdaviddesign

Our blog is where we talk about anything from new projects to beautiful design work we have stumbled upon, branding stories and anything else that gets our attention. I hope to be posting regularly on the company blog and helping HDD get the attention it deserves.

That’s it. A lazy blog post for a lazy Sunday morning. Now I have lots to write so that this list can continue to grow!