I’m Rob, a Journalism graduate, writer and Project Manager from Cardiff, Wales. I have had a varied career including working as an Information Officer for Cardiff Council, an Audience Research Executive for BBC Wales, and as a Project Manager for Mark Boulton Design, Carsonified, and currently Huw David Design.

I spent a year living and working in New Zealand, trying my hand at as many different jobs as possible, including apple grading, kiwi fruit picking, fish trimming, mandarin thinning (the worst days work of my life, ever!) and as a farm hand.

I love to write and am fortunate to have been published in several national travel magazines, .Net magazine, and on various websites. More information can be found in the Publications section of this website.


More than a number.

I’m sure you don’t just want to know about my job history though, so I am going to share some lesser known facts about myself:

  • I have two dogs. Scamps and Sooty.
  • I appeared as an extra in a well known British Film called Human Traffic. I was ‘shopper number 3’.
  • Whilst working in a hotel in New Zealand, I met Timothy Dalton who was staying there and he asked me to help him into his room that he was locked out of. I helped James Bond get into his hotel room!!
  • In that same hotel I once searched through the rubbish of actor Sean Astin and found 40 Australian dollars. Subsequently, our first meal in Sydney was paid for by a Hobbit.
  • I once fell asleep standing up.

You can also find out more about me by following me on Twitter.

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