What a waste of (web) space.

I’ve been looking for a domain name this evening as I look to develop my own site. I’m clearly very late to the party or the world is full of more people called Robert Mills than I first imagined.

All the obvious domain names are taken. Now I don’t mind too much because the law states that if you snooze you lose. I snoozed alright. But what irks me are people who sit on domain names and do nothing with them. Look at robertmills.co.uk for example:

Robert MillsWhat a pile of crap!

But this isn’t the only example of wasting web space that I came across this weekend. I was trying to find some information about Starbucks and branding so naturally I started with the Starbucks website. Now I’m talking about the UK site not the .com one. Check this out:

starbucks homepage

What a pile of crap!

I expected more from Starbucks. Perhaps they don’t see their online presence as being integral to their brand/marketing strategy. Shame.

Anyway, I’m sure there are loads more examples but I wanted to share those two with you. Grumble over.


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