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Our World. Our Design Inspiration.

Inspired by…

This week I was inspired by two posts. One by Huw David Design where Huw and his team take a photo of  ‘my favourite …’ each week.They post a photo and discuss their favourite anything, could be a tv show, a sign they have seen, some artwork and so on.

The second was a blog post by Ryan Carson that discusses how deep thinking time is needed in a world where we are constantly zapped by the media, social networking tools, and so much more.

The point?

What both these posts emphasise together is that we live in such a fast paced communication heavy world where we always seem to be in contact with someone or something, yet we rarely have time to stop and take time to absorb the world around us. A world that can be extremely inspirational.

I recently became the proud owner of two rascal dogs and even through them I have discovered or rediscovered a whole new world on my doorstep, that includes beaches, forests, and dinosaur fossils.

So I applied this to my house. I move around my house everyday not taking any notice of why we fell in love with it in the first place or why we like living there. Yet our house is full of the results of many design decisions and full of original features, so I set about rediscovering them, with my camera, and I want to share 5 of my favourites with you.

1. Tiles in our porch.

Our house is a 1919 mid terrace and thankfully it has retained some of its old features, including these tiles:


2. The stairs

When I painted the stairs I felt like an artist 🙂 The detail in the woodwork is intricate in parts and they make for a great welcome when we come home!


3. Archway

In between the aforementioned tiles and stairs we have this archway. Common in this type of house  but often boxed in or removed, thankfully ours was in tact.


4. Chimney Breast 1

The chimney breast in one of the spare bedrooms. Cleverly decorated by my multi talented girlfriend. Ok so they are transfers and not hand painted but there is no way I could have lined them all up as nicely as this:


5. Chimney Breast 2

One of the chimney breasts in the lounge had been boarded up. A hammer and clean up later and hey presto, a nice feature and as recently discovered, a hideaway for one of the dogs! (She went in there herself, I didn’t make her!)


To conclude …

We are often making personal design decisions, even people like me who is far from a designer! Those decisions are influenced by the media we consume, our culture and our environment. That’s why, as Huw David Design and Ryan Carson provide examples of, it is important to find time to take stock of the world around us and ensure we don’t become desensitised to our surroundings because we could be passing by some vital inspiration.